First Comprehensive Philippine Cryptocurrency Textbook released

In the blockchain community, literature has become the founding pillars of new ideas and developments with regard to blockchain technology. From whitepapers, to books, to thesis papers, these raw, conceptual ideas eventually transform into products and services by interested cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

The Philippines is becoming more relevant in the cryptocurrency space. And recently, it has expanded to literary work. A comprehensive cryptocurrency book titled “Cryptocurrency 101: The Beginner’s Complete Guide to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” was released in Amazon, touting itself the first of its kind in the Philippine setting. the book was written by Kevin Philip Gayao, who, having experienced bitcoin’s potential in 2015 has since become the first Certified Bitcoin Professional in the country. He has then expanded his craft and now teaches how Cryptocurrency works all over Northern Luzon, though his company 1punchinc. Proper disclosure: the author of this article was mentioned in this book.

The book was made, to quote, “primarily individuals, especially filipinos, who want to have a better appreciation and more in-depth understanding of the economics and technology behind cryptocurrencies regardless of their background”. It’s a simple explanation of how bitcoin works, why you should invest in it, benefits from blockchain technology, the history of blockchain technology, and the future of blockchain tech.

Overall, the book is simple and answers many questions investors can’t seem to understand, especially with technical aspects. With the Philippines steadily moving into blockchain technology, and places like Cagayan Special Economic Zone making fintech-centric places that fully embrace blockchain, this textbook will come in handy if any lingering questions pop out.

If you are interested, their website is here and you should check it out.

If you want to buy, here’s the link to buy the book.

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