UC biz students host cryptocurrency talk

BAGUIO CITY – More than 200 students of the University of the Cordilleras (UC) College of Business Administration (CBA) attended a talk on cryptocurrency last Monday, July 23, at the UC Theater here. The discussion emphasized the potential and benefits of cryptocurrency as well as how it can impact the student’s lives.

Gayao responds to a student’s inquiry regarding cryptocurrency investing.

The speaker, Kevin Philip D. Gayao who is a Certified Bitcoin Professional and the CEO of 1Punch Inc. talked about bitcoin and how it is being used in business today. He also discussed the unique features of cryptocurrency that are useful to both unbanked and banked individuals. Gayao stressed that bitcoin is not merely a fad but a technological innovation similar to the Internet.

“Cryptocurrency is not simply a fad that will eventually fizzle. It is a disruptive technological innovation that can make the world of finance a lot more inclusive by providing a platform that is open, fast, digital, inexpensive and global while being highly-secure and private,” Gayao said.

The students also actively participated during the forum where some of them asked about how to obtain bitcoin, how it can be used as an investment, the risk in bitcoin investing and the red flags of a scam.

“Many of the so-called scams in the market don’t actually involve cryptocurrency. They only make use of the concept of bitcoin and cryptocurrency to explain how their scams make money,” Gayao added.

Gayao encouraged the participants to study cryptocurrency as this digital innovation has opened new doors of opportunities for business professionals and to avoid falling for scams that disguised as cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency talk is part of the marketing campaign for the book entitled “Cryptocurrency 101: The Beginner’s Complete Guide to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency” authored by Gayao.  The event was made possible with the help of the UC-CBA.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and remains to be the dominant cryptocurrency with over $150 billion market capitalization. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography. It is not dependent on any governments or banks to enable the transfer of value. There are currently over 1,600 cryptocurrency projects, but only a few have proven to be useful.

If you are interested in attending cryptocurrency events or purchase the first cryptocurrency book in the Philippines, please contact 1Punch Inc. at 0950 516 1685 / info@1punchinc.com.

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